De Arend (The Eagle)
Exported to Holland 1839
In 1837 a locomotive engine works was set up on the Bebside bank of the river. The first engine to be produced was the Michael Longridge which was to work stretches of the long Stanhope and Tyne Railway in Durham. It is thought that around 150 locomotives were produced by the works, a number of which were sent

  De Arend - The Eagle

to the Continent and pioneered steam powered railways in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Italy, one engine even went beyond the Continent to Persia. Ironically, the first journey of these technological wonders of their day was behind a team of horses up the steep valley side of the River Blyth to the Newcastle turnpike. The drawing shows one of the locomotives sent to Holland in 1839 for use on the Amsterdam - Haarlem Railway, the first steam railway in Holland.

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